Doin' the Jive: Lesson Tonight!

As the lessons page says, you can finally learn that crazy routine that's got everybody tapping their feet if they didn't already know the routine!

Those who've paid for beginner lessons get in for free, drop-ins are $10

Come on out and learn it tonight! 9PM at 1300 Oxford Street, First Baptist Church

TD Halifax Jazz Festival

This week, we've got one of the coolest live music events to hit Halifax this summer!

What's cooler is that we've been picked to champion these events!

Be sure to attend every day you can!

If there is one event you can't miss, we highly suggest you go to the Gordon Webster concert happening on Sunday!

Hey what's this random button? It's got nothing to do with us but hey this looks pretty cool.

The full event schedule can be found here:

West Coast Swing Lessons

By popular demand, James brings to Halifax a style of swing that is fresh to the Halifax Swing Dance teaching curriculum.

Tuesdays, 7:00PM-9:00PM
1313 Hollis Street

$5 per drop-in
$25 for whole term

Registration - 6:30 pm
Lesson - 7:00-8:30 pm
Social - 8:30-9:00 pm

Instructors: Bonita Squires & James Pierre

More details on the lessons page.

Billets for Fall

We are still looking for billeters for the Fall Workship and The Halifax Lindy Explosion this weekend!

If you wish to billet, you can do so through this page.

Swing Factory

Ever wanted to enjoy/learn Swing Dancing with all your favourite people so much? All the time?

Seems like you've got a case of the Swing Factory jitters.

Grab your groove (and interested friends, and let's all do the thing!

The Swing Factories have been growing in size steadily, this one's gotta be the most fun yet!

July 17, 2015

At 1313 Hollis Street

Introductory Lesson at 8:00 PM
Social Dancing at 9:00 PM
Late Night Blues at 11:00 PM

Cover is $5, but free if you volunteer!

Volunteer here:


As you know, we currently looked into renting out flooring so that we had nice floors for waterfront dancing. This of course, requires a lot of effort on many fronts. We can only ask that you help us help you have comfier dance spaces.

You can donate in person at waterfront dancing or find any of the executives and give it to them.
As well, we have a donate button on the homepage now.