Executive Members


Kyle Wyenberg

I am pleased to be part of a group of people that share learning and fun with humility and grace. Love the music and find inspiration when I dance with someone who solves that move, gets it. That moment, with the music almost makes me forget my two left feet.



Vice President Dalhousie

Emma Sylvester

I grew up dancing ballet and social ballroom and discovered Lindy Hop in 2015. I was drawn in by the warm community and fun, playfulness of the dance! I love meeting new people and sharing fun experiences.

Vice President King's

Catherine Frawley


Chris Maxwell

I dance because it challenges my Bodily-Kinesthetic and Interpersonal Intelligence, both of which are emphasized in partner dance. I think I've been dancing for around 5 years.


Zoe Paula

I dance because it makes me happy! It allows me to get out and enjoy great music, a great community and do something creative. I’ve been dancing for two years now, all of it with DSDS.

Digital Content Manager

Stephen Chandler

I dance because it is a great way to tell stories, explore the motion of the human body, and to be a part of a global community with shared passion. I had taken a couple of ballroom classes and salsa but never went too far with it. After joining DSDS around fall 2013 I fell for the trap and have continued dancing Lindy and Blues ever since.

Event Coordinator

Corissa Gagnon, corissa.gagnon.dsds@gmail.com

I dance because it makes me happy. The dance is full of energy, lovely people and it puts a smile on my face. I got introduced to Lindy Hop in summer of '14 and never stopped since. That would be a little two years now.


Susannah Rebar

I dance because it is playful and creates so much joy. I can form wonderful friendships in my community through a shared passion. I've been dancing 2 years. I started in the fall of 2014 and have been a member of DKSD ever since.


Tracey McGee

I started swing dancing with DSDS in September 2015 because I love to dance, especially with partners. People on the dance floor are always smiling - and that's a good thing!

The mysterious 9th member.

Committee Members

Our committee members will include the committee heads and other volunteers which keep the society running smoothly. Without these volunteers, our organization would be nothing.

Corissa will remain the event coordinator into the new term and the position of event coordinator will be as the head of the event committee rather than an executive position. More details are coming soon.

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Marketing Committee

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Jessie Litven is currently our instructor coordinator.

Ian Whitman is our DJ coordinator and is soon to be off on paternity leave.