As DalKing’s Swing Dance Society is growing, so is the need to help support the wonderful community of Lindy Hop. Come be part of an amazing team and give back to the most social, fun, and silly swing dance community in Halifax!

We are looking for volunteers to join our planning committees. Please find the committees and the available positions by clicking on the links below!

Event Planning Committee

Socials Planning Committee

Safe Space Committee


Tuesday Social Dances at the Toothy Moose

The timeline for a typical social is given below.


7:00pm - setting up decorations and DJ equipment

Desk Shifts

30 minute shifts beginning at 7:30pm and continuing until the end at 9:30pm - handling the cash box

Sign up for a desk shift to get in for free!

Tear Down

For Tear Down, have everyone take their stuff. An executive must take the cash box and pay the bartender. The DJ must take their equipment.


Monthly Swing factory at 1313 Hollis Street


7:45PM. Can be moving tables/chairs, filling jugs of water, chalking the sign for outside, etc.

Desk shifts

8:00, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:00PM. The main duty on desk is to take the $5 from attendees and give them stamps, and to mark down the number of admissions sold. You may also be answering questions about the DSDS and directing people to the bathroom.

Tear Down

11:00 PM.  Happens when the dance finishes. Involves cleaning up, washing glasses, taking in the sign, moving tables/chairs.