(For full effect, please play this in the background.)

Back again

and about time too;

we're Waterfront dancing,

and so can you.

Swing down to lower Morris Street.

Pass NSP, and hear the funky beat.

It goes from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm,

keeping your day bright, to harness sunlight.

The schedule is biweekly, starting May 17, and

Switching up with Toothy Moose each week.

The cover is FREE, but donations are accepted

to pay for fun floor mat rental as expected.

Volunteers are needed to take the floors over.

1313 Hollis keeps them under cover.

The key to 1313 lies with an executive. On Sunday

If rainy weather is expected, a cancellation message will be executed.

The social will be relocated to the Toothy Moose place

from 7 to 9 pm if the boardwalk is replaced.

Volunteer here and get free entrance in that case.