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DalKing’s Swing Dance Society is thrilled once again to host the AMAZING Daniel Repsch – international blues dance instructor, competitor, and DJ—for another blues-dance workshop weekend in Halifax with all new material-- this time with a focus on jazz blues and ballrooming styles! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about blues dancing from one of the best dancers and teachers in the world. Whether you are new to blues dancing or trying to bring your dancing up a level, the weekend will be fun, engaging, and challenging!!

6:30pm-11pm Registration is open

Saturday: [DalPlex Studio 3]
10:00-12 noon - Movin’ Around
This class will really cover some ground! We’ll explore how rotational movement applies to Blues vocabulary in a variety of contexts, including turns and classic jazz steps. From there we’ll add the feeling of dancing in a ballroom, seeing how these and other movements can travel the room or be danced on the spot. Throughout all of this, we’ll introduce techniques for dancing in both closed and promenade positions.

1:00-2:15 pm - Jazzy Blues in Embrace
In this class we’ll refine and add to our embrace position dancing! We’ll start by finding how to invite, connect, and exit this position, and how it applies to a jazzy Blues aesthetic. With that, we’ll introduce some sophisticated vocabulary to give you some ideas to inspire your dancing.

2:45-4:00 pm - Latin Rhythms in Blues
Historically Blues music has incorporated a variety of Latin rhythms, and those rhythms are present in the Blues Dance community today. We’ll start by helping train your ear to recognize several of these rhythms. With that knowledge, we’ll offer vocabulary ideas for both leads and follows to keep you dancing no matter what the music throws at you.

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