Saturday Socials

This fall, we will be hosting a social dance every Saturday evening where there are classes. The dates in particular are displayed in the calendar on our home page. These will occur after our beginner classes, and for an hour after our beginner plus classes. We highly recommend social dancing after the classes, because it is the best time to practice what you've learned and improve your dancing!

Musicality Class

We will also be hosting a bonus class taught by both our head DJ Ian Whitman and new instructor Marc Parent from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. Ian’s section will focus primarily on Music Theory, will require no dancing experience, and therefore can be attended by any and all DSDS members. Marc’s classes will focus on applying musicality to dancing, and he has asked that all attending members at least be comfortable with Swing Outs before choosing to attend his sessions.

To Attend...

All members are free to attend the Saturday night socials and musicality class included as part of the class.

Membership is included for everyone who is currently taking one of our beginner or beginner plus classes. If you are a community member who is not currently DJing, acting as a teacher, or as a teacher assistant, then you can purchase a membership for the 2016/2017 year (beginning September fall 2016 and ending August 2017) through the registration here. The passes will also be available to purchase in person for the next two weeks on Saturdays at First Baptist Church.

We will be working out distribution membership cards soon, so stay tuned. We hope to provide other benefits to different events through the use of membership throughout the year.