The Dalhousie Swing Dance Society is proud to have a social dance featuring Swing Feat East Coast Swing Band. It consists of is a 12 piece band, with music of the 30s and 40s, catering specifically to dancers!

Creation of Swing Feat East Coast Big Band arose out of the desire to form an alignment between the fine musical talents of east coast jazz musicians and the exuberant and energetic swing dancers in the area. Key to Swing Feat’s goals is to perform the wonderful repertoire of the 30’s and 40’s the way the music was composed to be played – essentially, FOR DANCERS!

Recognizing that live jazz and dance have an important symbiotic relationship in sustaining each other, Halifax bandleader, Krisanne Crowell, has long awaited for the opportunity to bring the best musicians and music to an enthusiastic and active audience – namely, the Dal Swing Dance Society.

While Krisanne plays piano and sings classic gems with the group, she has assembled an all-star cast of jazz musicians ready to set the stage for ecstatic swing dance events:
Danny Martin (Salsa Piquant) brings his unmistakable lead trombone sound to the band. Joining him in the trombone section is Eric Landry, (The Mellowtones)

Wayne Baker (Sounds of Motown) leads the trumpet section as one of the most experienced big band players in town. High note ace trumpeter is Rick Waychesko, (Tower of Power, Blood Sweat and Tears), with Ryan Cameron completing the section.

Omar Bergsson brings his beautiful alto sound to lead the saxphones, with Alexis Schurman on 2nd alto. Tenor sax sensation, Martin Davidson and in demand baritone player, Dawn Hatfield fill the sax section

Crucially, providing the back beat for Swing Feat’s 12-piece band is veteran drummer, John Alphonse, popularized as King of Swing in Halifax during the extended era of the John Alphonse Big Band. Casey Jones hones his upright bass chops to lay down the rhythm.

With this illustrious group of musicians playing great music to an eager swing dance crowd, Swing Feat is sure to create a sensation at any dance event.

Swing Feat will be playing at the First Baptist Church on May 13 from 7 pm until 10:30 pm. Swing Feat is comprised of 13 local musicians and including 3 singers.

Early bird Tickets will be $15 for students and $20 for community members. At the door tickets will be $20 for students and $25 for community members. A link to pre-purchase tickets is available through Paypal here. Here's a link to the facebook event.