You wanted lots of dancing this June? We give you just that!

Swing Factory

Friday. June 19th. Be there. What more can we say? This is the event to go to if you want to see the whole community in one place, all having a great time!

Psst, there's a way you can get in for FREE!

Beginner Lessons & Socials

Registrations are now closed. Tuesday Socials are discontinued. :(

Alright, enough with the bad news (we won't miss the Argyle's sketchy basement flooring anyway), here's the good:
Beginner lessons are full steam ahead and here's the deal, the community social dancing will now be taking place after the beginner lessons.
[The Wednesday night socials are rapidly gaining popularity so make sure you join in on this if you need to get a weekly fix!]

Waterfront Dancing

Aching for more social dance opportunities? Are your legs a glutton for punishment? We appreciate your audacity and raise you this: Thursday evening waterfront socials! And who knows, if the stars align, we might all just go out for dinner.  

Blues at The Nook

The Nook's a great place to get together and mellow down for the coming Monday. Short lesson, and then a social until 11PM! Support the Nook and buy a nice toasty mocha, or a cold brew, too!

Blues Lessons

Here at Dalswing, Monday blues has a different meaning! Starting June 15th, at 1313 Hollis, there'll be weekly blues lessons. Online registrations are now open, so don't delay!

Jazz Routines

You know the feeling: a song comes on, there's commotion, everyone's on their feet but no one's pairing up. Suddenly everyone's dancing in synchronicity. Oh poop, a jazz routine you wish you knew. Stop wishing, start learning! Our first lesson is going to be the shim sham on June 10th! Look at the Lessons page for more details.

Here's a bird's-eye view of your week in June.

Sunday blues at the Nook
Monday blues at 1313 Hollis
Wednesday beginner lesson and social at First Baptist Church
Thursday waterfront dancing
Friday Monthly Swing Factory at 1313

Dancing five days a week? It's too good to be true!

But wait, there's more?!?!

Community Events

(From our interim secretary, the one and only Liz Pienkos)

  • Kitty and the Katz - June 5 (that's this Friday!), 8:30 pm at the Company House. Great swing band at a great venue! Tell them you're from Dal Swing and get $5 off the ticket price.
  • Swing Dance with the Mahone Bay Swing Band - June 13, 8:00-10:30 pm. Mahone Bay Legion Hall, 21 Pond Street. $10 cover. "Come out and listen to some great music, get your groove on, and enjoy an evening out!" 
  • Halifax Jazz Festival - July 8-12. Keep your eyes open for announcements about bands we love to dance to!

This is only the beginning of a swingtastic summer, we promise it only gets better from here!

DalSwing out!