Socials Planning Committee

The Socials Planning Committee organizes all the DSDS social swing events such as Swing Factory and Waterfront Dancing. Please find the available positions below:

Socials Planning Director:

The Social Dance Planning Director organises and supervises the Socials Planning Committee and social events.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Delegating tasks to coordinators and assistants

-          Attending and managing events

-          Organizing committee meetings

-          Providing reports and budgets to the executive


Event Planning Assistant:

The Event Planning Assistant aids the Event Planning Director. The assistant is the right hand man.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Helping to book and search for venues

-          Supervising and monitoring events

-          Liaising with Head DJ to schedule DJ’s

-          Coordinating Cashboxwith Treasurer

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator recruits and organises volunteers for large events.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Managing volunteer lists and keeping them up to date

-          Communicating with volunteers to inform them of timeslots available

-          Recruiting new volunteers

-          Ensuring events have sufficient volunteers

-          Supervising volunteers at events

Decorations Coordinator

The Decorations Coordinator is responsible for all decorations at large events.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Planning and organizing decorations within budget

-          Decorating the events

-          Liaising with Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers for decorating


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