Safe Space Committee:

The Safe Space committee is the group that will keep our events as safe, as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. They are our guards and our friends to talk to. Please find the available positions below:

Safe Space Committee Director:

The Safe Space Director guides and coordinates the representatives and policy writers.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Delegating tasks to representatives and policy writers

-          Attending all events to maintain a safe space

-          Organizing committee meetings

-          Providing reports to the executive

-          Liaising with other committees to ensure a safe space

-          Resolve issues, incidents, and discomforts within the team and community


Safe Space Representatives:

The Safe Space Representatives are the points of contact to ensure a comfortable and safe space at all events.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Providing a compassionate ear to anyone who wishes to report a safe space issue

-          Reporting, discussing, and resolving any incidents or discomforts with team members and director


Safe Space Writers:

The Safe Space Writers collaborate to set safe space policies

Responsibilities may include:

-          Attending meetings

-          Developing and maintaining policy within agreed upon time frame

-          Liaising with Safe Space Representatives to adapt policy as the need arises


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