• Dalplex (map)
  • 6260 South Street
  • Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2
  • Canada

October Module is Smooth Moves & Flow!
Dates (5 progressive classes): Wed Oct 2, Wed Oct 9, Wed Oct 16, Wed Oct 23, Wed Oct 30
Time: 7:30-9pm
Location: Dalplex
Price: $38
Prerequisite: Level 1b/Level 2 or able to do basic 6-count and swingout patterns.

One of the most fun parts of lindy hop is feeling that sweet rush of when you flow with the music and your partner, and this is what we’ll be focusing on in October. In this class, we will use learning new moves as a way to improve overall technique: you will have a bigger dance vocabulary and also a better understanding of how to move in the dance. We will be starting with establishing how to move in a fluid way that easily communicates to our partners, how to maintain momentum (especially for follows), and how to lean into our partner’s connection. From there, we will work on swing-outs and their variations along with other cool movements picked up from various dancers around the world, and we will also explore how to make up our own moves! This class will include extra challenges for the more experienced dancers as well...or try it out in your non-dominant role.

Note: While this is a five-week progressive series, if you are unable to attend all of the classes, please write to dalswing@gmail.com to request a partial attendance.