• First Baptisit Church (map)
  • 1300 Oxford Street
  • Halifax, NS, B3H 3Y8
  • Canada

Week 1: Rhythm

Want to explore the beast that make your lindyhop-heart tik? Afraid to step outside the triple step? Come have fun with different rhythms both as a solo and partner dancer. Maybe you want to feel more relaxed and confident in your basic lindyhop rhythms, or maybe you’re curious to feel the music in a new way; whatever your approach, this will be a time for you to express the music and play with rhythms, and see how rhythm connects us to our dance partner. Bonus: there will be mini-choreo challenges to really get you feet thinking!

This is a two-week course., with pre-requisites of basic six and eight-count, lindyhop patterns, and Charleston basic required.