• Happy Soul Dance Studios (map)
  • 3089 Oxford Street
  • Halifax, NS, B3L 2W8
  • Canada

Lindyhop & Balboa Practice/Social with Jessie
Cost: $5

Are you itchin' to get your dance on after the holidays? Formal swing classes won't be starting up until February, so until then, come practice your moves, listen to the groove, polish your style, tap your toes for a while. 

Jessie will play slow, medium, and fast songs so you can practice lindy and bal. When you ask someone to dance, simply ask if you'd like to use that song to work on specific moves/techniques or just have a dance. Role switching encouraged!

*Open to all levels of Lindyhop and Balboa
*Wanna hear a specific song? We are  open to requests!
*Jessie will be there to help you one-on-one with any moves/technique/ideas/etc.
*We can practice jazz routines such as Tranky Doo/Doin' the Jive
*Might even play the Big Apple!