Executive Members


Kyle Wyenberg

I am pleased to be part of a group of people that share learning and fun with humility and grace. Love the music and find inspiration when I dance with someone who solves that move, gets it. That moment, with the music almost makes me forget my two left feet.



Vice President Dalhousie

Emma Sylvester

I grew up dancing ballet and social ballroom and discovered Lindy Hop in 2015. I was drawn in by the warm community and fun, playfulness of the dance! I love meeting new people and sharing fun experiences.

Vice President King's

Catherine Frawley


Chris Maxwell

I dance because it challenges my Bodily-Kinesthetic and Interpersonal Intelligence, both of which are emphasized in partner dance. I think I've been dancing for around 5 years.


Zoe Paula

I dance because it makes me happy! It allows me to get out and enjoy great music, a great community and do something creative. I’ve been dancing for two years now, all of it with DSDS.

Digital Content Manager

Stephen Chandler

I dance because it is a great way to tell stories, explore the motion of the human body, and to be a part of a global community with shared passion. I had taken a couple of ballroom classes and salsa but never went too far with it. After joining DSDS around fall 2013 I fell for the trap and have continued dancing Lindy and Blues ever since.

Event Coordinator

Corissa Gagnon, corissa.gagnon.dsds@gmail.com

I dance because it makes me happy. The dance is full of energy, lovely people and it puts a smile on my face. I got introduced to Lindy Hop in summer of '14 and never stopped since. That would be a little two years now.


Susannah Rebar

I dance because it is playful and creates so much joy. I can form wonderful friendships in my community through a shared passion. I've been dancing 2 years. I started in the fall of 2014 and have been a member of DKSD ever since.


Tracey McGee

I started swing dancing with DSDS in September 2015 because I love to dance, especially with partners. People on the dance floor are always smiling - and that's a good thing!

The mysterious 9th member.