Executive Positions Available for 2017-2018

The positions are listed along with their duties.


The president is required to have previous Executive Experience of one year or more.

· Calling, organizing, and running meetings, including one Annual General Meeting and any necessary executive meetings

· Assure the minutes of the previous meeting have been adopted,

· Arranging of venues for weekly dances and any special events

· With the help of the vice-president and members-at-large, seeking out local talent, including instructors and dance bands, and booking them for weekly dances or special events

· Working with other executive members to publicize the society and its events

· Communicating with the executive and society members regarding the operation of the DSDS

· Overseeing the overall operation of the DSDS, including financial and administrative aspects. Oversight shall include digital monitoring of the planning, coordinating of events as well as functional ones such as ensuring that a sound system and DJ are present at weekly dances and special events

· Participate in the use of digital project management and communication tools and assist in training in its use

· Mentoring a replacement


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