Event Planning Committee

The Event Planning Committee is led by Rissa. Together we organize all the large DSDS swing events such as Shiverbug Swing and Seaside Shimmy. Please find the available positions below:

Event Planning Assistant:

The Event Planning Assistant aids the Event Planning Director. The assistant is the right hand man.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Helping to book and search for venues

-          Supervising and monitoring events

-          Liaising with Head DJ to schedule DJ’s

-          Coordinating Cashboxwith Treasurer

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator recruits and organises volunteers for large events.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Managing volunteer lists and keeping them up to date

-          Communicating with volunteers to inform them of timeslots available

-          Recruiting new volunteers

-          Ensuring events have sufficient volunteers

-          Supervising volunteers at events

Decorations Coordinator

The Decorations Coordinator is responsible for all decorations at large events.

Responsibilities may include:

-          Planning and organizing decorations within budget

-          Decorating the events

-          Liaising with Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers for decorating


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